Honeymoon Package in Mount Bromo

Honeymoon Package in Mount Bromo. Welcome to BROMOTOUR , between we offering adventure tour around mount bromo, ijen crater, Malang, Surabaya, Banyuwangi and java tours we are also provide romantic trips in java. Especially for who want to make golden time after wedding moment by spending time of your vacation to mount bromo. For those of you who want to go on a honeymoon to Mount Bromo tour, we provide various kinds of honeymoon packages at Bromo with the cheapest prices up to the exclusive ones.

Doing a honeymoon after marriage for a new partner seems to be an obligation and must remember the importance of increasing and growing the seeds of love and mutual understanding between two newlyweds, one of which is honeymooning. Why do you have to spend honeymoon package in Mount Bromo?

Bromo Mountain is the only most beautiful and exotic mountain in Indonesia, whose beauty is global, which is said to be ranked 3 in the world, cool natural atmosphere and far from noise adding to your honeymoon romance.

Honeymoon Package in Mount Bromo

Honeymoon Package in Mount Bromo

Romantic Place around mount bromo

Mt Penanjakan 1

On Mount Bromo, there are the best spots in Indonesia to see and see the beauty of the sunrise, namely from Penanjakan 1 hill, from Penanjakan 1 hill. You can also directly witness the splendor of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. Wow fantastic, your romance will be even more passionate.

Does it just stop there romance trips of your honeymoon bromo? Apparently it’s still not. Mount Bromo also has a cute and tiny crater because its size is not too large compared to the mountains that are still active in Indonesia.

Mount Bromo Crater

To go to the crater you can walk or ride a horse, now because you are a honeymoon couple we recommend using horse services (one horse for two person) the hope is that riding this horse becomes your unforgettable experience for a lifetime. Rarely is it a tourist place that offers horse service and it’s only on Mount Bromo, it’s guaranteedmore excited.

Savana Bromo

And one more thing why you have to honeymoon on Mount Bromo because on Mount Bromo there is also a Savana grass land that is broadly green and you can take pictures here with a stretch of savanna and the backdrop of teletabies hill will be the most beautiful moments that you cannot get on the spot other tours. You do not have to go far to the African continent to enjoy the beauty of your savanna just enough to come to Mount Bromo.

Whispering Sand Bromo

Oh yeah there is more to miss, that is Whispering Sand of mt Bromo. Maybe you have seen a national film called Pasir Berbisik which was played by the famous actress Dian satro Wardoyo in 2001, yes the film was set in the setting in Pasir Berbisik Gunung Bromo/ Whispering sand of bromo.

This shows how the Whispering Sand on Mount Bromo has a historical that is very important and invaluable. Well in this Whispering Sand you can take selfies or romantic photos that you can capture.

Sunset on Mt Mentigen

And finally, why should you choose the Honeymoon Package for Bromo? because on Mount Bromo there is also a spot to see the sunset on Mentigen Hill.

When you hear the word Sunset, of course that comes to your mind is on the Beach, yes it is not wrong, but it turns out that at Mount Bromo there is also best view of sunset. To support your bromo Honeymoon vacation, surely you also need a comfortable place to stay / hotel.
The right hotel for Honeymoon

We recommend a lot of hotels near mt Bromo that are suitable for those of you who want to enjoy honeymoon in Mount Bromo.But our recomended hotels is Jiwa Jawa Resort Bromo Hotel and Lava View Lodge Hotel.

Optional Honeymoon Package in Mt Bromo

We are offer of many kind romantic trip is Java, so feel free to choose on of below package that suitable with your wish.

Mount Honeymoon Package Price ?

Please contact us via email at bromo_tour[@]yahoo.com , because the price is depend of type room, hotel level and periode of your honeymoon package at mount bromo time.


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