Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package 3 Days From Surabaya

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package 3 Days From Surabaya – BROMO-TOUR.COM . The cheap price for Mount Bromo and Ijen crater tour package combines the journey of the Bromo Sunrise Tour and Ijen Crater Tour from Surabaya.

Mt Bromo and Ijen Crater is an active volcano mountain located in East Java. Mount Bromo is famous for the sunrise and crater which is still active if Ijen crater is famous for the Blue Sulfuric Lake and Blue fire or Blue flame or Blue Lava one of the best phenomena in the Ijen Plateau.

Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour 3 Days

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 3 Day From Surabaya needs journey 3 days 2-night trip by starting the tour from Surabaya and finishing the trip back to Surabaya or by Drop Off at Bali or drop Ketapang Ferry Harbor Banyuwangi.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour 3D2N is the most popular trip for East Java sightseeing and attraction. A lot of tourists from Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China) and Europe come to East Java to see the best volcano tour, especially the Bromo sunrise tour and Ijen blue fire tour.


Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour PackageSurabaya Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Mount Bromo And Kawah Ijen Tour From surabaya

Mount Bromo is an icon of East Java and is well-known to foreign countries. Visitors to this tourist attraction not only come from within the country but also from abroad. This volcano has a height of 2,329 meters above sea level. Which is and is located in Probolinggo.

Surabaya To Mount Bromo

Once you arrive at Bromo, you will find 3 charms of Bromo, witnessing the sunrise at mt Penanjakan hill, hiking to Bromo crater, and seeing the vast sea of ​​​​sand. The best time to come to the top of Bromo is in the morning at sunrise.

The view when the morning sun shines through the fog is truly beautiful and will amaze you. Don’t forget to make sure your camera is on standby to capture this extraordinary moment!.

To explore 3 charms of Bromo should use a jeep, then to the Bromo crater need hiking and visitor could try to ride a horse to the foot of the mountain, then continue by climbing the stairs to the top. Although quite high, Mount Bromo has now become a tourist destination, so the trip to the top is relatively easy.

Mount Bromo to Ijen Blue Fire

Ijen Crater is an iconic place in East Java. Its popularity is not inferior to Bali. Ijen Crater is in Banyuwangi which has the attraction of a crater that emits sulfur. Visitors can see the activities of the sulfur miners every morning. Furthermore, in the Ijen crater, you can find various unique and instagramable photo spots.

Take pictures in the crater area with tree branches which makes the photos better and more aesthetic. There are also other attractions such as the blue fire which is a famous natural phenomenon in Ijen Crater.

Blue Fire is plain that gives off a blue color like fire around the mountain. However, this phenomenon cannot be seen for long because it can only be seen in the early hours of the morning, which is around 01.00-04.00 am.

If the sun has appeared, then this blue fire can no longer be seen clearly. Therefore, visitors must come early in the morning to see this rarely-seen sight. 

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour 3 Days From Surabaya Option

We have provided tours from Surabaya to Mount Bromo & Mt Ijen Blue Tour that have the complete facilities and best service. For that package, we have 2 options according to the duration of the trips. That is 2 days 1 night to 3 days 2 nights. 

The Combined Mount Bromo Ijen Tour package invites you to take a holiday to enjoy the natural scenery of Surabaya Tourism East Java. Bromo provides incredible beautiful natural scenery when witnessing the sunrise and climbing the Bromo crater. Complete exploring Mount Bromo continued to Mount Ijen with its very beautiful and magical blue flame view by night trekking to catch this phenomenon.

Please  check the details of the Options for Bromo Ijen Tour Packages below

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour 3 Days 2 Nights From Surabaya Itinerary

To start 3 day Bromo Ijen Tour from Surabaya, we can pick you up directly from your arrival at Juanda International Airport, Hotel at Surabaya area, Gubeng Train Station, Turi Train Station, or all places in area Surabaya.

Besides that, we also serve to pick up at all cities near Surabaya, such as; Gresik, Sidoarjo, Mojokero, and Madura Island.  This schedule is same as Bromo Ijen Tour 3 Days

The itinerary package of the Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour is as follow

Day 01. Surabaya – Hotel at Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Tour starts by picking you up upon your arrival at the Surabaya area (Hotel /Train Station or Juanda International Airport). After a meet and greet with the BromoTour team, transfer to your hotel in the Mount Bromo area.

This trip is needed around 3 hours of driving from Surabaya to Mount Bromo through the Probolinggo District. After arriving at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area, check-in at the hotel and free program (feel the atmosphere of the local village).

Day 02. 4WD Jeep Tour Bromo Sunrise – Mount Bromo Tour – Ijen Travel

Bromo tours started at 03.00 am. By 4WD to Mt Penanjakan enjoy the beauty of sunrise and the background you will see a panoramic view direct to Mount Bromo, Mt. Semeru, and Mt. Batok. Upon seeing the stunning Bromo sunrise going down to the sea of sand then climbing up to the peak of mount Bromo. 

On the route to Mount Bromo, you will see the cultural site of a Hindu Temple called Pura Luhur Poten. Satisfied explore Bromo Crater, still with a 4WD Jeep back to Hotel, after having breakfast and some rest, our team will lead you to drive to the Kawah Ijen area about 4-5 hours driving. Check-in Hotel near Mt Ijen and stay overnight and free program.

Day 03. Ijen Blue Fire Trekking – Transfer Out Surabaya/ Bali or Ketapang Ferry Banyuwangi

Mount Ijen Blue Fire Tour starts at midnight around 00.00 Am, from the hotel drive 1 hour to Paltuding post. After arriving at the Paltuding ranger post, accompanied by a local guide start trekking to the peak of Mount Ijen volcano about 3 Km.

This climb usually needs around 2 hours of climbing/hiking. Enjoying the beauty of volcanoes and lakes of blue lava. After finishing enjoys Ijen Crater and the surrounding back to Paltuding and transfers out back to Surabaya/Banyuwangi/Malang or Bali. End of Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package 3 Days From Surabaya

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour 3 Days Price From Surabaya 2024

1 personIDR 5.850.000/person
2 personIDR 3.250.000/person
3 personIDR 2.450.000/person
4 personIDR 2.300.000/person
5 personIDR 2.100.000/person
6 personIDR 1.950.000/person

* The price of Bromo Ijen tour from Surabaya valid for this year
* Price not for the long weekend, high season and peak season, public holiday
* More than 6 people please contact us to get the cheaper price

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Bromo Ijen Tour 3 Days Facility

Tour inclusions:

  • Comfortable Transportation Full Air Conditioner Surabaya – Bromo – Ijen – Surabaya/Malang or Drop Off Ketapang Banyuwangi port
  • Speaking English drivers, fuels, parking, and highway fee
  • 1 night at the hotel of Mt. Bromo area with standard room/private bath/hot shower (Standart room at Cafe lava Hostel, Bromo Permai Hotel, Cemara Indah Hotel, Deluxe Room at Yoschi Hotel, Superior Room Nadia Hotel, Similar) Extra cost upgrade to Whiz Capsule Hotel Grand Bromo, Lava View Lodge, Sumber Makmur Hotel, Jiwa Jawa Resort Bromo, Bromo Terrace Hotel, Bromo Eco Lodge Hotel, Plataran Bromo Hotels, And Resort/Similar).
  • 1 night at the hotel near mount Ijen Crater area with a standard room/private bath/hot shower (standard superior room at Ijen View Hotel Bondowoso/Palm Hotel). Extra payment upgrade to Grand Padies Bondowoso, Ketapang Indah Indah Hotel, Watu Dodol Cottages, Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen, Ijen Resort and Villas, Mirah Hotel Banyuwangi/similar)
  • 4WD Jeep for Bromo Sunrise Tour and Bromo Crater
  • Entrance fee tickets to Mt Bromo
  • Entrance fee tickets to Mt Ijen Crater
  • Gas Mask For Ijen Blue Fire Trekking.
  • Local Guide for Ijen Trekking
  • Breakfast and mineral water


How To Book Mount Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya?

Please contact us via email at bromo_tour[@]

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How long does it take to climb Mount Bromo and Ijen?

Trekking to the top of mt Ijen Crater normally takes around 2 hours to climb from the foot of the path. Then need to descend for 30 minutes to witness magical blue fire or blue flame.

Climbing to mt Bromo crater normally need 30 minutes of soft trekking, after walking around 20 minutes continued to step up around 250 upstairs to reach the top of the Bromo crater.

Is Mount Ijen and Bromo safe?

Mount bromo and ijen is safe for tekking. But if you have breathing or health problem better enjoy from above at Ijen lake and for Bromo crater just sees from the jeep parking area near Poten Temple. Because it is feared that the sulfur fumes will interfere with your breathing.

How do I get from Surabaya to Mt Bromo & Ijen?

There is no direct connection to mt Bromo and Ijen from Malang. So, the best option is to take Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package from us. With a cheap price and complete facility, it will make your holiday more satisfying.

Can I customize the location after finishing the trips?

Yes, of course, optional finish the trips between return to Surabaya is finish at Malang, Banyuwangi, Bali, Yogyakarta or another place according to your wish.


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