Ijen Crater

 BromoTour.ComIjen Crater or Ijen Plateau is as crater of Mt Ijen. Which Mt Ijen is one of the active volcano mountain in Java Indonesia located between Bondowoso (Klobang Sub district) and Banyuwangi (Licin Sub district), part of Alas Purwo National Park, one of national conservation area in East Java.

The short description about Ijen Crater/ Ijen Plateau or Kawah Ijen :
Elevation = 2,386 m (edge) and 2,145 m (lake) from sea level
Type = Stratovolcano
Coordinat = 8°03,5′ S dan 114°14,5′ E
Eruption = 1817 ; 1917 ; 1936 ; 1950 ; 1952 ; 1993 ; 1994 ; 1999.

Ijen Crater

Ijen CraterThe Ijen crater with large around 5,466 hectares has volcano crater eksotism, beautiful and charming nature. The quiet lake that has tosca colour of water is look like an elegance to everyone who saw it. The best time to enjoy the crater scenery is at morning, when the yellow sunlight glows the yellow water with their volume almost 200 million cubic and temperature around 200 Celcius degree, and shines also the surrounding mountain like mount Merapi (Mt Merapi in East Java ), the sister of Mount Ijen

Ijen crater is the acid lake, one of biggest lake acid in the world. It has zero degree of acid, and the acid is enough to dissolve clothes and your finger on water. This crater is famous, not only for local tourist, but all the world. In the mount ijen visitor could see phenomena in dark time of Ijen Blue Fire, Ijen Blue Lava or Ijen Blue Flames from activity burning uf sulphur.

The lake is covered by crater’s wall stone which the kind of stone material’s is built by “Solfatra” and “Lapili”. This stone materials was created by volcano eruption, making sediment with black colour, real black. You can walk up here with your family, specialy for mountain adventure lovers who always looking for a new adventure objects. It has supported by local government with any representative facilities such as road,camping ground, hotel or lodging house that provided in near by Ijen crater.

After you arrive at around of Ijen Plateau area, tourist generally choose hotel for their overnight at Jampit or Blawan village. They both are nice area, quiet, fresh and around by coffee plantation, specialy your trip to reach the hotel. You can choose at Arabica and Catimor homestay (hostel), or if you prefer to stay with higher quality and service, optional accommodation is Ijen Resort and Villas, Ijen Resto, Ketapangg Indah Hotel and Watu Dodol Cottage located in Banyuwangi. As your information, the Arabica and Catimor homestay (hostel), coffee plantation, coffee factory, strawberry plantation, it’s all managed by Plantation Department of local government.

All of vehicle must stop at “Paltuding Post”, the last post before trekking to Ijen Crater. The tris is around 2 hours hiking or 3.3 KM. Ijen trekking is similar with 33 small post on the edge of street and each small post has distance more and last 100 metres.

As long as your time walking up to Ijen Crater from the start point, around after 30 minutes you walk up, in your right and left side, you can see another beautiful objects, they are “Savanah” and “Stepa forest” in the far away, with wild grass that height around 1 meter. Large of this “Savanah” and “Stepa forest” are around 10,000 hectares and lies between mountain groups that has the high up to peak in 2000 meters. The mountain groups is lied from Banyuwangi to Bondowoso and in green scenery

Mt Ijen Plateau is not the only one between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, but the mountain group, such as Mount Kendeng, Mount Ringgih, Mount Merapi, Mount Ijen, Mount Papak, Mount Widodaren, Mount Pawenan, Mount Rante, Mount Jampit, Mount Raung, Mount Suket, Mount Kukusan, Mount Deleman, Mount Pendil, Mount Kenteng, Mount Panduan, Mount Anyar and Mount Lingker.

Best time climbing Mount Ijen is around July – September although everyday we keep to handle visitors. Because, in July to September, we will find the edelweiss flower (everlasting flower), flower as mascot with easier during our climbing, at the slope of Mt Ijen and the mountain group, look like white colour in the faraway.

Most visitor from overseas before heading to Bali or Yogyakarta for their vacation in Indonesia usually combine with Mount Bromo Tour , famous called Bromo Ijen Tour.

Ijen Crater
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