Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days 1 Nights Cheap Package Price 2024

Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days Promotional brochures for a private tour to Mount Bromo from Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, Bali, Banyuwangi or Probolinggo. We can arrange the best and most luxurious facilities for backpacker-style tours for your vacation and recreation needs.

Mount Bromo tourism, especially Bromo Tengger Tour is a favorite tourist spot with families to spend vacation time where this place is a place that is still natural and cool and natural, Mount Bromo is one of the volcanoes that are still active and the most famous not only throughout Indonesia but also on the international scene.

As a tourist attraction, until now Mount Bromo has become interesting because of its status as a volcano which is currently still active.

Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days

Bromo Sunrise Tour 2 Days

The beauty of Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour is already worldwide, the charm of natural tourism presented by this mountain is second to none in any country. Many people say that if you don’t see the sunrise at Mount Bromo, you will never see the world above the clouds. This is why Mount Bromo is very famous for its beautiful sunrise at dawn.

The tourists can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and the clouds that are right below us will complement the beauty of the sunrise at Pananjakan Peak or in several other spots around this location.

Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days

Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days

To see the beauty of the sunrise, visitors must come willingly in the middle of the night with an adventure using a Bromo jeep. With Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days we can stay 1 night at mt Bromo area. It is recommended because you will have more time  to sleep and rest before heading to catch the Bromo sunrise.

Uniquely here, tourists must use special adventure vehicles such as the Bromo jeep for an adventure chasing the sunrise. If you want to explore night view to see Bromo milky way, the recommended trip is take mount Bromo camping.

For travel lovers, even though they have been on vacation traveling to various countries, it will not be complete if they have not witnessed firsthand the charm of the sunrise and the natural beauty of the Bromo mountains which are famous throughout the world.

2 Days Bromo Tour Option

Mount Bromo Tourism is located on the border of 4 districts in East Java, the entrance from Probolinggo is the most chosen because there are many choices of hotels, villas, and homestays if you go through this route.

Then the entrance from Pasuruan is the same, but access is easier via Probolinggo. And the entrance from Malang is via Tumpang District, if via this route the route is quite extreme and travels further when driving by jeep. Here Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days a choice to visit mount Bromo based on the pick-up location :

Mount Bromo Tour 2 Day 1 Night

What Can You See At Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days?

The name Bromo refers to Lord Brahma in Hinduism which is embraced by the Tengger Tribe community, where they are still very strong in maintaining the traditions of their ancestors, one of the famous ones is the Yadnya Kasada Ceremony which is held once a year by the Tengger Tribe community which is held at the temple.

Luhur Poten and at the top of Mount Bromo Crater. Bromo is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, there are many interesting spots in this national park, but seeing the Bromo sunrise is the main attraction of a vacation here. Interest thing to visit mount Bromo tour 2 days.

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Bromo Tour 2 Days Destination

Here is destination we will visit during Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days with us

  • Penanjakan Hills 1 / Kingkong Hill / Love Hill, these 3 hills are the best locations to see the sunrise.
  • Mount Bromo Crater, Bromo Crater takes a little energy to be able to explore it, which is needs soft climbing about 240 steps to the top of Bromo where the crater is located.
  • Bromo Savana Grassland is the location of a stretch of green grass with a very beautiful view.
  • Teletubies Hill is a small hill around the savanna, very similar to a Teletubbies movie.
  • The Whispering Sand of Mount Bromo, very similar to the desert in the desert, is also commonly referred to as the Mount Bromo caldera.
  • Luhur Poten Temple is one of the Bromo heritages that can be seen by all visitors to Mount Bromo. But it can only be seen from the outside. You can enter it only during the Tengger Kasada ceremony.
  • Mount Bromo Milky Way, night view of the milky way, or stargazing tour if the weather supports

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Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days Itinerary

To do this kind of Bromo tour package, the best time for pick-up from Surabaya, Malang, Probolinggo, Yogyakarta, Banyuwango, and Bali is in the morning.

Either pick up from the hotel, airport or train station. And the last day if you want direct drop off to Airport Surabaya please take a plane ticket above 15.00. Detail itinerary is as follows:

DAY 1: Pick up – Hotel in Mount Bromo area

The Mount Bromo tour package starts with picking up participants from the city you have specified. For example, from the airport or station or home in the area of ​​Surabaya City, Malang City, Batu City, Probolinggo City, Prigen City Pasuruan, Jember, Sidoarjo or other cities. Then our team will take you to the Mount Bromo area with a normal journey of about 3 hours driving.

After arriving at the Mount Bromo area, rest at a hotel or inn and then rest. After that, you are free to program, you can take a walk in the rural area around the hotel to see the activities of the Tengger tribe in their daily life.

DAY 2 : Mt. Penanjakan Sunrise Tour – Hike Bromo Crater – Drop Off

Vacation to Mount Bromo and its surroundings will start at 03.00 am, starting at 03.00 a 4WD Jeep vehicle will take you to Mt Penanjakan. This place is the best point to see a beautiful sunrise with views of Mt.Bromo and the highest volcano in Java, Mount Semeru. After quite satisfied witnessing the Bromo sunrise tour, return to the Jeep, and continue the next tour, namely Mount Bromo or known as the Bromo Crater.

Walk from the Jeep parking lot for a duration of 30 minutes to the feet of Bromo Crater, then hike up around 240 upstairs to the top of the crater and enjoy the amazing beauty of Bromo Crater for 1 hour. Then back to Jeep again to visit SavanaGrassland, Teletubbies Hill, and Whispering of Sand.

After being quite satisfied with the natural tourism of Mount Bromo Tour back to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, and rest, pack up and continue to drop you off to Surabaya/Malang or another city. Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days ends.

Optional trip: Visit Madakaripura Waterfall Tour if natural conditions support and need extra cost.

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Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days Price 2024

1 personIDR 3.950.000/pax
2 personIDR 2.150.000/pax
3 personIDR 1.750.000/pax
4 personIDR 1.450.000/pax
5 personIDR 1.300.000/pax
6 personIDR 1.200.000/pax

Mount Bromo Tour 2D1N Facilities

Inclusions :

  • Comfortable Transportation Full Air Cond From Surabaya / Malang / Probolinggo or Sidoarjo round trip
  • Driver, petrol, parking, and toll fees
  • 1 night at the hotel in the Mt. Bromo area with the standard room (Cafe lava Hostel, Bromo Permai Hotel, Cemara Indah Hotel, Yoschi Hotel, Adas Hotel, Nadia Hotel, and Similar).
  • Extra payment for an upgrade room type (Standart to Superior or Deluxe Room ) or change to Lava View Lodge, Sumber Makmur Hotel, Jiwa Jawa Resort, Bromo Terrace Hotel, De Potrek
  •  English speaking driver
  • Mount Bromo Jeep Tour
  • Entrance fee visit Mt Bromo

Tour Exclude:

  • Lunch and dinner,
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips
  • Horse Riding
  • Guide
  • Personal Expenses

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Important Things To Bring

  • Cash to buy drinks or snacks
  • Personal medicine
  • Warm jacket,
  • gloves
  • Hat for cold protection
  • Shoes
  • Camera and drones for documentation


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