10 Place Must To Visit Around Mount Bromo 2023

10 Place Must To Visit Around Mount Bromo. Bromo tourism is one of the most popular natural attractions in East Java which is located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) area. Bromo is an active volcano, but every day hundreds of tourists from all over the world flock to see the splendor of Bromo.

 Place Must To Visit Around Mount Bromo

10 Place Must To Visit Around Mount Bromo

This is because the mountainous landscape that stretches about 50,276.3 hectares is able to hypnotize anyone who witnesses it. From year to year the beauty of Bromo is famous throughout the world until quite a lot of local and foreign tourists come to vacation in Bromo.

In the period 6-30 September 2022, the total number of tourist visits from Bromo reached 7,904 people after the end of the pandemic period and it was reopened for tourism activities.

Tourist Destinations Around Bromo

What tourist destinations are in Bromo and its surroundings? Here we provide a reference for you 10 Recomended Place Must To Visit Around Mount Bromo

1 Mt Penanjakan 1

A hill with an altitude of 2,770 meters above sea level as a view point for Bromo sunrise, besides that all Bromo panoramas will look very beautiful in this place, especially for shooting the Bromo Milky Way phenomenon.

Its location is in the west of the Bromo area, precisely in the village of Wonokitri, Pasuruan Regency. To get to this peak, visitors must rent a Bromo jeep because the path is very extreme and challenging.

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2. Bromo Crater

Bromo has a crater that is still actively emitting smoke with a diameter of ± 600 meters from east to west and ± 800 meters from north to south.

Bromo Crater is one of the tourist attractions in Bromo that you should not miss because tourists can witness this exotic phenomenon from a very close distance. To see it you have to be willing to walk or rent a horse and then climb the stairs as many as 245 steps then you will be at the top of the crater, it’s really exciting.

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3. Puten Temple

Not only nature tourism, Bromo tour also has historical tourism, namely Puten Temple which is under the foot of Mount Bromo. Puten Temple is the only building located in the sea of ​​sand, while this temple is a place to perform the Kasada Bromo ritual carried out by the Tengger Tribe.

4. Sea of ​​Sand (Whispering Sand)

What characterizes the Bromo tour is capturing the moment in the Bromo sand sea covering an area of ​​10 KM square. When the sand is blown by the wind, it will make a sound as if it were whispering, so many call it “Whispering Sand”.

5. Savanna and Teletubies Hill

Located east of Bromo in the direction of the route and route to Bromo from the cities of Malang and Lumajang. The best time to visit this place is during the rainy season and spring when the grass is starting to turn green and flower is really amazing.

6. Glass Bridge

To increase tourist attraction, the government built the first glass suspension bridge in Indonesia, precisely at Seruni Point Bromo. The length of this bridge is 120 meters with a width of 1.8 meters and the middle and initial stretches are 3 meters long and hang over a ravine with a depth of 80 meters.

7. Seruni ViewPoint

The location is in Seruni Village, Sukapura, Probolinggo with an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level. To come to this place, visitors have to go through hundreds of stairs which are built quite magnificently to resemble the Great Wall in China with four pillars of the Brawijaya Monument.

8.Madakaripura Waterfall

If you come to Bromo with the Probolinggo route, you will pass the location of the Madakaripura waterfall which is in the village of Sapi Kerep, Lumbang District. Madakaripura is also included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area and is the highest waterfall in Java.

9. Semeru Mountain

Semeru is very famous to all corners of the world because it is the highest mountain in Java, it is very suitable for climbing lovers because many tourists climb Mount Semeru.

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10.Ranu Kumbolo Lake

It is a lake located at the foot of Mount Semeru and is suitable for camping and photography because the scenery in this place is very beautiful and amazing.

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That is imprtant thing and recomended of 10 Place Must To Visit Around Mount Bromo & Things To Do. We hope you can make this article to be your reference during your tour to mount bromo.



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